María Bonilla

Traducción y servicios lingüísticos



I am an English/French to Spanish translator and I love my job. It’s been more than 6 years since I started doing it full-time.

Being curious and ambitious has led me to work in very different areas of expertise, from technical to medical or marketing translation. Thanks to this, I have learnt many things, like how a wind turbine works or which is the best make of leather shoes.

I think language is a living thing that needs the human component to be transmitted. When clients need to communicate in other languages, my job and specialty is to find tailored linguistic solutions for them, given that each communication situation requires a different perspective.

I have learnt from experience that the recipe for a good translation must be properly followed, always carefully combining three essential elements: a base of precise terminology, large doses of creativity and a generous topping of consistency. The result is a text ready to be enjoyed and understood in the right place and at the right time.

My interest in words goes beyond translation. Therefore, my services include text revision and proofreading, post-edition, creation of glossaries and terminology lists or Linguistic Sign-off (LSO).

The key to translation is to be aware of the aim of the message. While technical and medical translations must be extremely precise, advertising texts must persuade and move people.

I am convinced that balance between creativity and accuracy is possible, provided that the translation is carried out with a sense of responsibility and flexibility and the initial aim is maintained, i.e., the message of the original text is properly expressed with clarity.